In-House Services

claim fulfilment

Claim Fulfilment

We make sure that insurer approved claims are handled properly via a dedicated claims handling team that not only resolves the customers’ issues but also delivers outstanding customer care. We practice a culture where our claims executive becomes the face of the company to handle a claim in a trouble-free manner.

Once connected with our Claims team, they make sure that the client is updated on every step of the claim. It is our promise that we treat clients with professionalism, fairness and utmost respect.

customer care

Customer Care

Customer care is the key to success for any business. Consumer behaviour is changing every second and with each second. The market is becoming more competitive and provides more customised, tailor-made services and products giving a more personalised touch for the customers. For us, our customers are the king. We follow the core principle of ‘right first time, every time’. It clearly defines our procedure of handling each call with equal care and diligence. We make sure that each customer gets a single point of contact with our customer care. It helps us to build a unique customer relationship with our executives and builds a personalised bond and trust.

We reach our customers and provide information that is suited to their needs and requirements. Our marketing team also performs a comprehensive analysis of changing customer behaviour and preferences enabling us to update our process to keep-up with the constantly changing market.

regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

We firmly believe that exceeding normal regulatory compliance requirements not only supports the organic growth of our business but also further increases the trust our customers have in us. This view is implemented throughout the group and is enforced by our independent QC Department.

By exceeding the regulatory requirements, we also aim to continually drive the improvement of standards across the industry.



We are aware that a great idea or product is not in itself a guarantee of success. There are many considerations involved in launching a product, or being a new entrant into a market, and subsequently achieving a sustainable and profitable business.

Through joint ventures and partnerships, we can assist new ventures to flourish and become profitable, long-term businesses. This may be achieved via numerous methods including:

  • Investment
  • Access to our in-house teams, e.g. compliance, customer service, marketing, software development etc.
  • Access to our wide range of contacts and existing partnerships.
  • Guidance based upon our industry experience

We are constantly on the lookout for exciting new partnerships that have the potential to become market forces driving change within the industry.



We have succesfully served as a single point of contact for all institutional or individual insurance need. All the advantages,including back-end and front-end assistance, are in our structure.Our aim will always be to represent you as best we can while carrying out your requests for competent, expert insurance claims and associated services.



At City and Commercial we have developed unique access to a number of emerging insurance companies covering the UK's domestic sector. This allows us to provide niche products at a competitive price, suitable for a wide range of individuals. As we are not tied to any one insurance company, we are able to provide you with a variety of products, designed to meet the best interest of your clients. We know that "one-size-fits-all" is not always suitable and that you as a broker need more flexibility. For this reason we have developed our operation to deliver maximum support for you as a broker, regardless of the size of your business and the markets you are engaged in. We will remain in close contact with you in order to develop your customer base, discuss the available products and promotions but more importantly, to work with you in the long term. We hope to develop a better understanding of your operation, provide support where needed and introduce our new products. As part of our team, you will receive regular correspondence from us including new promotions, products and market updates.



No matter the type of policy needed, City and Commercial specializes in finding or creating the best coverage plans for each and every client’s needs. We work to help clients move on with their lives the best way possible while knowing that they are in good hands. Our professional underwriting capabilities covers a wide range of areas. All of our products are designed and tailored to provide a specific sector or consumer group with unique and effective cover. In our view, underwriters should be experts in their given fields. We also believe that they should know the end users - after all, our products are designed to provide peace of mind and security. For this reason, we go out of our way to work with all our underwriters. Such commitment to deep rooted fairness allows us to constantly evolve and develop an innovative portfolio, as evidenced by our past achievements. What We Offer? Our underwriters are here to offer solution based proposals after analysing every facet of a proposal. In line with our values, we always offer constructive feedback and analytical decision making. This enables us to maintain a close and constructive relationship with our brokers and intermediaries as well as the end users of our products.