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We have a diverse and innovative approach to things which helps us create unique propositions, distinctive distribution methods, and great products. Our end-to-end value chain enables our customers and business partners to benefit from this bespoke approach and leverage that benefit for great service delivery and solutions.

investing in sustainability

Investing in sustainability

The C&C Group are passionate about the sustainability of our planet. We are, therefore, excited to announce that under our ESG initiatives we will be planting a tree for every insurance claim repair carried out by our network of engineers.

The trees planted are species native to Madagascar, Kenya, Nepal and Indonesia. Many of the trees we are planting are mangroves as they help reinstate soil stability, improve water quality, and provide a natural habitat for fish and other rare sea creatures. Mangroves are also fantastic carbon sinks and (weight for weight) remove four times more carbon than rainforests.

Our partnership with a leading climate consultant also helps to ensure a decent income for the local villagers that plant the trees and includes a guaranteed income even on days when no trees can be planted due to extreme weather.

Our Operations Director, Dr Neil Dixon, who is leading the project commented: “This project is the first of our ESG initiatives and delivers in a variety of ways. The impact goes beyond just the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and the storage of carbon, by each tree planted as it grows. The trees planted help to improve degraded habitats, restore biodiversity and provide an economic boost to the local communities. We look forward to continuing this project and further expanding our ESG activities.”